Green bean casserole
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Green Bean Casserole Almost Ruined My Marriage

Well, not really. But y’all. Some folks take their green bean casserole making seriously. Including my husband.

After the family dysfunction that I wrote about last week, we ended up being invited over to the home of a family friend to spend Thanksgiving with them. I was mainly excited to partake in an amazing Thanksgiving spread without having to deal with hosting one myself or family drama. We still wanted to contribute though so we offered to bring green bean casserole as one of our sides.

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of green bean casserole. How a dish made up of canned green beans, cream of mushroom, and fried onion strings became a Thanksgiving staple is beyond me. It wasn’t something I grew up eating in my household and I didn’t discover what a big deal it was until I started spending more time with white people.

It’s not that I hate it. It just never falls in my ranking of top Thanksgiving side dishes (which goes dressing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, yams, and cranberry sauce, if anyone cares).

But I’ve assimilated. Go me!

I still wanted to do something a little different with our green bean casserole. I suggested to my husband that we throw some bacon and maybe even some cheese in the casserole to put our own take on it. I’d also heard on the radio that a little extra Worcestershire sauce can also add great flavor to the casserole.

Silence. Disgust. Contempt. Then “Can’t we just stick to normal green bean casserole?”

Last week my husband prepared and brought a shrimp and grits stuffing dish for a Friendsgiving. We are always looking for new recipes or modifications on old recipes to bring to gatherings or just cook at home for ourselves. I have yet to find a recipe where I’ve offered to throw in some bacon and/or cheese and my husband hasn’t immediately started salivating.

But I suggest to make a few tiny modifications to this tired, old green bean casserole dish and I’m met with more disdain than I received when I suggested that the newer Star Wars with Natalie Portman were better than the original.

I told my stick-in-the-mud husband could make his tired, boring green bean casserole dish himself then. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help him.

Which was a lie. I ended up caving. It is Thanksgiving after all and my forgiving spirit abounds. Plus, I love this husband of mine, even though he tries to contain my creative spirit.

But I did add bacon. Because no one, not even my husband, was going to stop me from living my best life on Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Green bean casserole

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