• Cinderella pumpkins

    Things I Was Deprived of As A Child: Halloween Edition

    As the child of very religious (and very Catholic) Nigerian parents, I had a different upbringing than many of my friends. I still remember the drama that ensued when my godmother convinced my mom that I would turn into a witch if she continued allowing me to read Harry Potter. Luckily, my father intervened; I think that he could sense that this would be the one thing that broke me because I made it very clear that there was absolutely no way in hell that I was giving up my Harry Potter books. If I had to rewatch every episode of “Charmed” and actually turn into a witch to prevent…

  • 12 step program for profanity

    12 Step Program for Profanity Addicts

    As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I both suffer from an affliction known by several names: potty mouth, sailor tongue, gutter mouth. We cuss. A lot. And while there’s research that supports the hypothesis that our proclivity towards profanity actually indicates a higher level of intelligence, there’s no denying the fact that we tread dangerous ground by swearing so much in front of our son. While we haven’t heard our son say a cuss word yet technically, part of the reason for the delay seems to come from the fact that he hasn’t quite learned to enunciate his “sh”s yet. Thank God for multiple ear infections that led to…

  • Career and Home

    Purchasing A Home – What You May Not Have Thought Of

    Several months ago, my husband and I purchased our first home (as a couple). We were ecstatic about finally owning our own place, large enough where we could walk through the home and not feel like our son and his toys were trying to slowly shove us out so they could claim squatters’ rights. Going through the process of purchasing a home was… emotional. Interest rates kept increasing and sellers still had the upper hand in the market. We continuously got outbid on homes, even though we were offering $5,000 to $15,000 over asking price. Even after we finally found a home we agreed on, put an offer on it,…

  • Life,  Marriage

    Looking Back On One Year of Marriage

    Alternative Title: Getting Nostalgic on Wedding Cake. Today my husband and I celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.   Our wedding was a glorious day filled with declarations of love and commitment in front of our family and  friends. It was also a drunken mess that ended with me throwing up in the bathroom of a bar during our post reception party (still wearing my wedding dress, I should add). It was only the second time in my life that I do not have a reliable recall of events for a significant part of the day.       Oh, the memories! I’m in one of those nostalgic moods where I…

  • Life

    Thinking About Having A Baby?

    Alternative title: Before Thinking About Having A Baby, Think About Your Vagina. I can’t be the only one here with a severe case of baby fever. No? Still nothing? Yeah, I thought so. Josh and I have had several discussions regarding if/when to have the next child. It seems as if every conversation we have directly or indirectly relates to the topic of another kid. Some examples: James closing in on having outgrown his stroller: Do we invest in another single one now or go ahead and opt for a double? Open enrollment for our health insurance plans at work: do we try to all get on one family plan?…