• Long distance relationships

    Long Distance Relationships Can Work: Here’s How

    Last Friday night, my husband and I had a bit of a wild adventure. His mother had asked us if we needed her to watch our son for us so she could get some snuggle time in with him. We responded with a very emphatic “YES OH GOD YES TAKE HIM.” I also recently received a promotion at work, so we were going to shit crazy on our child-free date night. And we totally did. We stayed out until 10PM, y’all. Then came home and ate bourbon roasted pecans before passing out on the couch with the movie “Rampage” on in the background. We didn’t even bother to brush our…

  • Dysfunctional family during the holidays

    Dysfunctional Family During the Holidays

    This week, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. For one thing, I’m failing miserably at convincing my son that the potty should be used for peeing in and not stuffing whole rolls of toilet paper inside. I’m also currently exercising my penchant for strongly worded letter campaigns against my home warranty company for refusing to cover some plumbing repairs. Oh, and then there is the toxic, irritating, dysfunctional familial mess that I was involuntarily brought into which has exploded into something that may tear my family-of-origin apart. Heavy, right?   I know how much it sucks dealing with family drama, especially around the holidays. It’s an exhausting…

  • Career and Home

    Purchasing A Home – What You May Not Have Thought Of

    Several months ago, my husband and I purchased our first home (as a couple). We were ecstatic about finally owning our own place, large enough where we could walk through the home and not feel like our son and his toys were trying to slowly shove us out so they could claim squatters’ rights. Going through the process of purchasing a home was… emotional. Interest rates kept increasing and sellers still had the upper hand in the market. We continuously got outbid on homes, even though we were offering $5,000 to $15,000 over asking price. Even after we finally found a home we agreed on, put an offer on it,…

  • Parenting

    Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling with a Toddler

    Alternative Title: Don’t. Josh and I recently returned from a birthday/early anniversary trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. In short, we had a nice, uneventful trip where we acted like the responsible adults that our toddler has come to depend on.   Well, maybe we spent a couple of days having a little too much fun… Once upon a time (before becoming a wife and mother) I considered myself an avid traveler and would have loved to devote a life exclusively to exploring the world and blogging about my adventures. Now that I have a child, the opportunity to travel has significantly decreased for various reasons. Our options are to bring…