• Grieving after first trimester miscarriage

    Grieving After A First Trimester Miscarriage

    Miscarriage is one of those experiences where most women have either had to go through it themselves or have known someone else who has gone through it. But no one talks about it. We are told not to disclose our pregnancies until the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage has decreased significantly. And while that does make sense, for the women who experience a pregnancy that is not viable during that first trimester, the grieving process can be remarkably lonely...

  • Mental health days

    Mental Health Days as a Mom

    You may have seen an uptick in news articles discussing the principle behind taking “mental health days” off from work and your rights at your place of employment to use a vacation or sick day if you’re not physically sick (such as this article or this one or this one). But what about taking mental health days as a mother? There is no “Paid Time Off” when you’re a mom. In fact, there’s no pay at all and I’m not sure who came up with that shit system. Am I the only one that feels that I should receive some sort of stipend from the government in exchange for raising…

  • Dysfunctional family during the holidays

    Dysfunctional Family During the Holidays

    This week, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. For one thing, I’m failing miserably at convincing my son that the potty should be used for peeing in and not stuffing whole rolls of toilet paper inside. I’m also currently exercising my penchant for strongly worded letter campaigns against my home warranty company for refusing to cover some plumbing repairs. Oh, and then there is the toxic, irritating, dysfunctional familial mess that I was involuntarily brought into which has exploded into something that may tear my family-of-origin apart. Heavy, right?   I know how much it sucks dealing with family drama, especially around the holidays. It’s an exhausting…

  • Life

    Thinking About Having A Baby?

    Alternative title: Before Thinking About Having A Baby, Think About Your Vagina. I can’t be the only one here with a severe case of baby fever. No? Still nothing? Yeah, I thought so. Josh and I have had several discussions regarding if/when to have the next child. It seems as if every conversation we have directly or indirectly relates to the topic of another kid. Some examples: James closing in on having outgrown his stroller: Do we invest in another single one now or go ahead and opt for a double? Open enrollment for our health insurance plans at work: do we try to all get on one family plan?…