• Grieving after first trimester miscarriage

    Grieving After A First Trimester Miscarriage

    Miscarriage is one of those experiences where most women have either had to go through it themselves or have known someone else who has gone through it. But no one talks about it. We are told not to disclose our pregnancies until the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage has decreased significantly. And while that does make sense, for the women who experience a pregnancy that is not viable during that first trimester, the grieving process can be remarkably lonely...

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    How Becoming a Mom Changed Me For the Worse

    Is anyone else still trying to catch their breath after these past few weeks? Whose idea was it to put all these holidays so close together? It must be those damn pagans again. I feel like I’ve been exhausted for years – in between hosting get togethers at our home, seeing out-of-town friends, last minute Christmas shopping, last minute Christmas shopping returns, working, and the several attacks of the itis that I’ve had from all this amazing food I’ve stuffed down my stomach. And, on top of that, our son turned two years old this past Sunday. I spent much more time on preparations for the day than I thought…

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    Letter to the Working Parents

    Dear Working Parents, I’d ask you how you were doing but I already know. Tired. Busy. Grumpy. Surviving on leftover Halloween candy and cocaine caffeine. The usual. I’m with you. Over the past couple of weeks at work, I’ve: prepared and presented a training seminar, start preparing for another training seminar I will be facilitating next week, traveled out of town to attend a court ordered mediation on a litigated insurance claim I’m handling, attended two additional mediations virtually, and had days packed with back-to-back meetings and teleconferences. Then there’s what happened at outside of the 9-to-5 which included filing insurance and home warranty claims for a plumbing leak in…

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    Where’s that village I was promised?

    Alternative Title: The Things You Do To Distract Yourself When You Really Have to Pee. I’m typing this post in the notes section of my phone while literally (okay, metaphorically) handcuffed to my 20 month old who would currently rather watch YouTube than interact with me. Yet he still doesn’t want me to leave the room. I’m typing with just my left hand as my son insists on having my right hand holding his as he stares at the numbers and animals popping in and out of the screen. Does this sound adorable? I could see it looking pretty adorable in a photo without much context. The lack of context…